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Lifting Women out of poverty through education, supplies, donations and more. In partnership with, Alianza Solidaria (Venezuela) and Junior League of the Palm Beaches.

Internationally: Aligning our (wo)man power with organizations that promote women's issues, their dignity and their financial independence.
Nationally: Reaching out to our policy makers to make lasting legislative impacts that promote women-centric issues from #EqualPay to #ProChoice.
Locally: Making sure that everyone has access to menstrual sanitation products, a safe and enriching environment for their children and a way to make above the minimum wage.

GLOBAL FLO KITS  Too many young girls and women in developing nations--and even in the US-- lack basic items for menstrual hygiene and health. There is a term for this: "Period Poverty" and it affects over 500 million women around the world causing them to miss school, work and so much more. Furthermore, many societies have a misplaced stigma around menstruation--which we want to end. Partnering with DfG (Days for Girls), other organizations, we promote sewing groups making reusable pads, secure donations of menstrual cups, pads, period underwear, soap and other goods, help train girls/ women about reproductive health and form alliances with Central American organizations to de-stigmatize periods and provide period protection. We give girls and women back their dignity so that they can chase their dreams, their entrepreneurial goals and their artistic pursuits. And that's bloody awesome!

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