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We are an organized, non-partisan club that was started in Palm Beach County to give back to our communities near and far by teaming up with larger "AUNT ORGANIZATIONS" and serving to close opportunity gaps in women's health, work & education. Our leadership is made up of students + working professionals. We are one big, loving, extended family--multi-generational and multi-cultural-- committed to improving the lives of women + children everywhere.  


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alessandra + siena


Artists. Activists. Twin sisters-very fraternal. They started this organization as sophmore students at Dreyfoos School of the Arts. Half-Hispanic and proudly bilingual, they proudly aim to level the playing field for women and girls no matter where they live or what language they speak. "For too long there has been an opportunity gap--when clearly, men would not be here without us!" says Alessandra, who is also an artist and award-winning classical pianist, majoring in Keyboard Studies. Siena, an avid rower, runner and award-winning photographer is majoring in Visual Arts. "The Barefoot twins are ready to give the 'old boys' club' an awakening!"


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Zelia Mukherjee


Zelia Mukherjee is a visual major at Dreyfoos School of the Arts. She is very creative and loves to try new things. Having a Costa Rican and Brazilian citizenship, helping girls in South America means a lot to her. She can often be found volunteering and has lots of experience with other organizations such as South Florida Tech for Seniors and the Quantum House. 

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ruth weisberg

Ruth Weisberg is a Communications Major at Dreyfoos School of The Arts, specializing in Speech and Debate. She is also a website staffer on The Muse News Magazine. In her free time she runs track and plays on a club lacrosse team. An avid volunteer, Weisberg is always looking for ways  to help out the community--including organizing successful clothing drives and cooking in soup kitchens. She is excited to be a part of this organization and help women locally and internationally.

 josetta wang

Josetta Wang is a freshman piano major at A. W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts. Wang has won various state level competitions and performed in a variety of venues across South Florida including at Harriet Himmel Theater and the Kravis Center. In addition to playing the piano, she loves spreading the love and joy of music to others. As the Jr. Kretzer Kids Coordinator, she has worked under the Kretzer Music Foundation to train young musicians and organize concerts for senior homes, veterans homes, and children’s hospitals. She is eager to close the opportunity gap for young girls by exposing them to the arts through the AuntFLOrida Project, and she looks forward to empowering the next generation of young women. Josetta is fluent in English, Spanish, and Chinese (Mandarin)


chloe tovar

Chloe Tovar is a student at Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts, where she majors in digital media. She is heavily involved in school and out-of-school activities. This consists of her officer role of treasurer for the school’s student council, an officer of the Girl Up WPB club, and countless other clubs she is a part of. Outside of school, Chloe is the program leader of the Art For The Soul nonprofit organization where she teaches disadvantaged migrant students all about visual arts. As a hispanic child of immigrant parents, she is very passionate about social activism for migrant families, the lgbtq+ community, and those battling for gender equality. Chloe carries these beliefs into all her projects and hopes to share them.

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Ava Diamond is a sophomore in the International Baccalaureate program at William T. Dwyer High School.  A classically trained vocalist, she studies opera, and is currently a member of the Young Singers of the Palm Beaches Cantate Choir at the Kravis Center and the Visions Choir at Dwyer High School. She is proud to be the great-grand daughter of two Holocaust survivors, and is a Founding HEAL (Holocaust  Education Advocacy Leader) Ambassador. Ava is fiercely passionate about women's rights and is thrilled to support Aunt Florida Project. When she is not at a rehearsal, you can find her at the Juno Pier learning how to surf

social media

Ava Khalifa is 15 years old and was born in Toronto, Canada. Her love for dance has given me her countless opportunity to work within her community and bring the art form of ballet to those less privileged. She would like to continue to expand helping those in need. All girls have the right to a decent life and she would like to help in any way needed.

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